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  One point lesson - The Efficient Gauge Use

Question 1: How do you know what this gauge measures when it is used for controlling the  production process?

Answer 1: The gauge number and the control process should be identified precisely, referring to control document. The purpose here is to ensure the accuracy.


Question 2: How do you know what the limit value and control value of the gauge are?

Answer 2: The limit value and the control value should be identified precisely by having the same units of measurement and agreeing with the control document.




Question 3: How to control the gauge efficiently?

Answer 3: The gauge should have a "control" color band (or Visual Aid) that indicates whether the gauge is working or not. Also, the control band should precisely provide method to solve problems.

  Remark: If a measure of gauge reaches NG or red area, the worker should contact maintenance department urgently.

By Mr.Surachai Mekwongsaroj, Corporate Development & Productivity Improvement Office, Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd.

Translated by Ms. Panpilai Petborom

Copyright 2008 by Energy , Efficiency and Productivity