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  Inspection System and In-Process Quality Control of Egg Selection Plant at Udornthani province

Quality Control Activity of the Regional Integration Unit
Inspection System and In-Process Quality Control of Egg Selection Plant at Udornthani Province

Activity 1: Work Standard
The visual aid, which provides standardization and work sample at work area, has been used to improve workers’ understanding and right decision making  on defective egg selection. This picture shows the defective egg types and compares the “Go” master and the “No Go” master with written description precisely.

Activity 2: Work Instruction
The work instruction at work area has been used to help workers to do job correctly. This work instruction describes work area, equipment, work frequency and responsible person precisely.

Activity 3: Production Control System
The alarm light and production control system have been used to show the machine status. The alarm light warns when machine breakdown and helps to get machine fixed in time as well as reduces loss from production error.

Activity 4: Calibration
The process of using the dead weight, a reliable measuring device and the stable units of measure, has lower error than other methods like the pressure of spring.

Problem: Solving the error of measuring device by calibration

Suggestion: It should have calibration and periodical weight report because mechanic measuring device may cause wearing out, which affects the error of egg selection (wrong egg weight). It also uses material, which similar to egg with an actual weight, as the master for calibration of three machines.

Remark: GR&R concept

Activity 5: Using the Dead Weight
Example: Loss from the error of measuring device
If egg number 1 selection with the assumption of egg weight about 10.0-12.0 gram each has shown in the picture below, it will find that some amount of egg have overweight. This amount should be egg number 0 at higher price than egg number 1. Therefore, it affects loss in the company’s revenue.

In this case, egg number 0’s calibration is a must in the process because it is the check point of previous step, whether egg weight is right or wrong and why this step can not select this amount of egg number 0.

Activity 6: Using the Dead Weight (Continue)

Problem solving: Design the master for calibration
It should have the “Go” and “No Go”masters in order to assure that the measuring device is in the required interval of measurement.

Activity 7: Using tool and equipment in production process
Stainless steel plate in the process of egg transfer from tray to egg selection machine has been used to reduce cycle time by being able to transfer a large number of eggs.

Problem: The defective eggs with a 1.8 % defect rate occur during work process.

Problem solving: Improve tool performance by using sponge at stainless steel plate for reducing impact from operation.

By Mr.Surachai Mekwongsaroj, Corporate Development & Productivity Improvement Office, Charoen Pokphand Group Co., Ltd.

Translated by Ms. Panpilai Petborom

Copyright 2008 by Energy , Efficiency and Productivity