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On China's Green Energy Development Strategy
In its Medium and Long-Term Development Plan for Renewable Energy, drawn up in 2007, China set itsel...
A Green Grid Rolls of the Blueprint
The Renewable Energy Law of 2006 has put the development of China's new energy industry onto the fas...
Turning Down the Heat
With global emissions continuing to rise, if the world postpones action the risks will be very high ...
Frozen Power
Scientists have discovered a new energy source that could power earth for hundred of years. But ther...
Blazing the Biogas Trail
By turning pig poo and household waste into gas for cooking, lighting and heating, Chinese farmers a...
Bright Future
It's a reflection of things to come - the SunCatcher solar power system, located in the US state of ...
Turning Air into Water
Living in a giant raindrop that produces water out of thin air might sound like something from the p...
Nukes 101
How can we tell whether a country a country is making nuclear power or building nuclear bombs?
Clearly Efficient
Custom-Made Aluminum Windows save money and energy
Put the Earth to Work
Drilling a geothermal well to help cool and heat the dream home
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